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Capital Street FX - Rating and Review 2021


CompanyCapital Street Intermarkets Limited
CountryRepublic Of Mauritius
Payment optionsNeteller, PayPal, Skrill, Local Deposits, Visa, Master Card, Perfect Money, iPay, Payeer ,
Minimum account size0.01
Minimum position size$100
RegulationRegulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius as a Full Services Securities Dealer with the license number C112010690.


  • Broker Type : STP/ECN.
  • Platforms: Desktop Terminal, WebTrader, WebTrader Lite, Mobile Trader.
  • Fixed/Variable Spreads From 0.1 Pips.
  • Bonus Offers.
  • Multiple Ways Of Account Funding.
  • ECN/STP/Market Execution Available.
  • Scalping Allowed.
  • Hedging Allowed.
  • Expert Advisors Allowed.
  • Affiliate Program.
  • Trade Forex, Commodities, Bonds, Indexes, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies.


  • The website is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law.


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Current Comments

48 comments so far (post your own)

Posted by Daisy Morgan from The Hague on Thursday, 09.9.21 @ 07:25am | #1681

Nice and smooth setup. I am able to trade smoothly without any problems till now. I really liked their analysis, helps me with trade."

Posted by Regan Rosen from Rotterdam, Netherland on Thursday, 09.9.21 @ 07:19am | #1680

I made up my mind to open a Trading account with the broker once I viewed their trading conditions. An account on this platform offers very tight spread with a high leverage.

Posted by Ellis Schaefer from Amsterdam, Netherland on Thursday, 09.9.21 @ 07:18am | #1679

I like to trade here because the broker doesn't force me to accept offers I have no idea about. It behave neutrally and I appreciate it because I can't stand aggressive marketing.

Posted by Fernando Hoppe from Helsinki on Tuesday, 09.7.21 @ 01:33am | #1678

A friend of mine told me that this particular brokerage service offers really good opportunities to trade metals. To be exact, it offers to trade these liquid financial instruments with 1:500 leverage. Once I heard about it I thought that I couldn't overlook such a tempt opportunity

Posted by Kyla Gibson from Gibralter on Tuesday, 09.7.21 @ 01:31am | #1677

I have been successfully trading with a broker for about 5 years. When I am asked whether it is worth learning to trade, I can only say that the currency turnover in the Forex market is $ 4 trillion every day. The authoritative financial resource - Bloomberg, predicts further growth of intraday turnover in the Forex market over $ 10 trillion in 2021. I think it is a great success to be a part of global processes. This is one of the reasons why I trade with CapitalStreetFX.

Posted by Ardella Bednar from Lisbon, Portugal on Tuesday, 09.7.21 @ 01:29am | #1676

I really like the fact that CapitalStreetFX is a true ECN / STP broker. I can be confident in fair market execution. You may not know, but often the broker is trading against the trader. This is bad. This means that the broker wants you to lose. Everything is different here. You trade on the market, and the broker's earnings are spreads from your trade (by the way, those are really tight spreads)

Posted by Emirhan Fahri from Izmir, Turkey on Thursday, 09.2.21 @ 00:30am | #1675

I never thought I'd say this but I've actually found a genuine bitcoin trading platform that takes care of everything for you, glad I made the right decision by trading here and will continue to do so

Posted by Chú. Vũ Thọ from Phuong, Vietnam on Thursday, 09.2.21 @ 00:28am | #1674

So many Bitcoin trading platforms out there all make promises, but no results this is the story my Bitcoin trading or should I say past, then came along Capital Street FX perfection is where they start from and perfection is what they end on happy trader and will be trading with them for a very long time.

Posted by Luca Dunn from Amsterdam, Netherland on Tuesday, 08.31.21 @ 00:53am | #1673

I had several bad experiences with bitcoin investment websites until I found the Capital Street FX site, it is really an expert. I highly recommended it to everyone who wants to invest money.

Posted by Brooke Nelson from Rome, Italy on Tuesday, 08.31.21 @ 00:48am | #1672

I never believed in online trading, however when I used CapitalStreetfx my opinion changed. I was like OMG, as I finally managed to find a real bitcoin investment, which actually makes the right decisions for you. I really like this platform, I will continue to use it.

Posted by Ryan Mellor from Portland, USA on Thursday, 08.26.21 @ 02:53am | #1671

This platform is simply amazing. You just need a bitcoin wallet, invest using your free trading signals and skills and make your profit. But the most important thing is abstinence, it's just easy. I recommend this website, thank you very much Capitalstreetfx.

Posted by Maddison Hawkins from Oregon, USA on Thursday, 08.26.21 @ 02:51am | #1670

100% reliable website, it is really worth your time, your earnings will be the same as you can expect if you use your sense, I really love this platform.

Posted by Luana Silva Martins from Santo Domingo on Monday, 08.23.21 @ 11:25am | #1669

"I opened a professional account here especially because of the very tight spreads. Of course, this account can also be used for long-term trading, but I really lack patience for this type of trading.
I do not exclude the possibility of opening one or even two accounts with this broker because they offer a very good selection of accounts with different trading conditions. Maybe I'll trade cryptos on those accounts. "

Posted by Jun Cheng from Hong Kong on Monday, 08.23.21 @ 11:23am | #1668

For a long time I have been selecting a company that would fully meet my expectations and could become the basis for my education and so that I understand the mechanisms of the market and select at least some basic strategies.
But in fact, here I gained something more meaningful, namely the confidence that I will work in a safe environment and I will definitely understand what is happening in the market.
This company has got a transparent executions method. It also protects the data by users so that each person can safely withdraw money and not worry about the fact that he will definitely receive it on a card or to an electronic wallet."

Posted by Christine Sylvain from Begles, France on Thursday, 08.12.21 @ 08:50am | #1667

CapitalStreetFX has one very strong side as compared to other top-1 brokers - strong market research. The brokerage not only provides Trading Central signals and economic calendar but also daily market comments and important forex news, which are aggregated among Tier-1 sources. Of course, I can do the same analysis myself but CSFX saves me this time so I can just focus on trading.

Posted by Raison Routhier from L'HAŸ-LES-ROSES, FRANCE on Thursday, 08.12.21 @ 08:47am | #1666

We are all used to a brokerage company specializing in some sort of approach. But here I see different properties and different terminals, so you can decide based on your personal preferences what suits you perfectly and build a general investment portfolio. I think this is important for every market participant. And there is no need to limit your desires and goals.

Posted by Alicia Evans from Omsk, Russia on Wednesday, 08.11.21 @ 08:06am | #1665

"I am day trader trading with this decent broker for many months now. I practiced demo more than one year before opening live account. Even then i lost my first deposit money while testing processes. Since this was a couple of bucks so no worries about it. I almost deposited 2k in total amounts and since my profit withdrawals are more than this amount with a total account balance of more than 2k.

The spreads, leverage, execution all reasonable. I would rate them 5 stars and will continue using services since they are so far so good."

Posted by Isabelle Reeves from Novarobirsk, Russia on Wednesday, 08.11.21 @ 08:03am | #1664

"Very fast and professional FX broker, tight spreads and decent execution, no complaints so far. I've made several withdrawals also the profit was small, so it went through smoothly.
Overall I'm satisfied and will continue to trade with them"

Posted by Daisy Wallace from Vladivostok, Russian Federation on Tuesday, 08.10.21 @ 15:24pm | #1663

“I have been trading with this broker for 3 months and everything is great. They fill orders quickly at low cost and process withdrawals fast. I trade news with them and speed matters to me They provide quality service and I am going to continue doing business with them. The minor drawback is that their spread widens during the rollover time and I have to be careful trading during this time.

Posted by Margareta Varga from Cresson, Crotia on Friday, 08.6.21 @ 08:56am | #1662

The referral program is the best! Love it!
Love this company. I love their referral program. They are the only forex broker offering a regular $10 to $15 per lot traded. The Payout is always on time on the weekly basis.

Posted by Jasna Marković from Richland, Crotia on Friday, 08.6.21 @ 08:51am | #1661

I really enjoy using CapitalStreet. Notably I did not face any app down time while trading these days while I heard my friends experienced app down time while using other broker's platform for trading. What more can I say, I love capitals!

Posted by Anton Baryshnikov from Leningrid, Russian on Thursday, 08.5.21 @ 09:28am | #1660

I have been doing business with this group for years now. I can tell you that for the most part it has been a pleasure. I've used them for investments and car loan. Great on all.

Posted by Kuzma Efremov from Saint Petersburg,Russian Federation on Thursday, 08.5.21 @ 09:25am | #1659

Easy to use platform, cheap trades and decent customer service. I am going to give them five stars as there is nothing that sticks to my craw at least not yet.

Posted by Philemon Bezrukov from Moscow, Russia on Thursday, 08.5.21 @ 09:23am | #1658

I was traded stocks using this platform for 2.5 years. Orders execution very fast, no latency or delay, a lot of possibilities: indicators, strategies, news. I'm very happy with capitalstreet and last month I was opened second account to trade cryptos. Highly recommend!!

Posted by Clara Fernandes Carvalho from Rio de generio, Brazil on Friday, 07.30.21 @ 08:02am | #1655

Great all round experience, plenty of choice when it comes to investing in crypto currencies.

Posted by Jason Frankfurt from Dallas, East Coast, USA on Thursday, 07.29.21 @ 14:41pm | #1654

Trading on capital street fx platform is different feeling. Probably the best broker in this time of scam and corruption in the market. Offers a clean 650% fully tradable bonus along with a 1000 times leverage.

Posted by Thomas L. Lugo from Pennsylvania, USA on Monday, 07.26.21 @ 11:53am | #1653

A very unique system to work with. Fast and clear payments. I advise everyone

Posted by Dawn Rhodes from Peris, France on Sunday, 07.25.21 @ 09:15am | #1652

Great all round experience, plenty of choice when it comes to investing in crypto currencies.

Posted by Robert L. Williams from Belle Prairie, IL on Friday, 07.23.21 @ 11:51am | #1651

CapitalStreet is one of the top crypto CFD brokers that offer buying and selling cryptos and trading with multiple features and earning methods. I use this platform daily, and earning money from home is my second job. It doesn't require much skill to get started, just courage and pocket money.

Posted by Natalia from Seattle, WA, USA on Friday, 07.23.21 @ 09:46am | #1650

They have got a good app once I find out how it all works I open lot of things for myself. They offers over a 1000 instruments and almost of a 20 cryptos. I really like it.

Posted by Amanda Plowman from Bowling Green, Ohio(OH), USA on Thursday, 07.22.21 @ 01:01am | #1648

The best thing about them is, they are regulated, STP/ECN book A type broker. I've been scammed many times by unregulated and market makers in the past. I'm with capital street from last 4 months and everything seems fine so far. At least they have earned my trust in these 4 months.

Posted by Samual from Halifax, West coast, USA on Tuesday, 07.20.21 @ 08:19am | #1644

Buying BTC, ETH, XRP, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Chainlink, USDT, Ripple, and other coins on Capital street is legitimate and highly trusted.
I'm a forex trader, and it's been 5 years trading Cryptos Now. Crypto is a good option for forex traders and Capital street is the top option to trade cryptos especially for forex traders.

Posted by Martin from Port Elizabeth, South Africa on Saturday, 07.17.21 @ 07:59am | #1643

The on demand Instrument addition service is something unique to me. I'm work in China so I've depth knowledge and understanding of Chinese stocks. I made an on demand addition of China Telecom and Zendesk stocks to my account which was not available with most of the brokers at that time, Capital street and within 8 days, they added these stocks to my account. I'm thankful to them.

Posted by Allen from Austin, Texas on Friday, 07.16.21 @ 09:25am | #1641

I recently signed up to be an affiliate for CapitalStreet and I love how easy and up to date their site is. I started with a demo account, super easy, I started a live account with as little as $100, and they offered me a 100% bonus on it. It is probably my favourite broker. Definitely recommend for new traders Thanks

Posted by A Jones from Barcelona, Spain on Thursday, 07.15.21 @ 06:06am | #1639

Deposit and withdrawal is super easy. Withdrawal came to my account within 24 hours. There is no charge on deposit and withdrawal. Overall nice experience

Posted by Rose from Manchester, United kingdom on Tuesday, 07.13.21 @ 01:05am | #1638

It is tough to find stocks from almost all major exchanges at one place. I started here because they are regulated, and have almost all major indices and stocks from all major markets. I used to trade in all sessions be it Tokyo, London or US. I observed they have almost a 1000 instruments from across the markets.
They're a bit strict on docs verification while opening account.
My initial account verification request was declined as all four corners of my passport were not clearly visible but that should not be the reason to not choose a broker. You can expect this from a regulated broker as they are legally bound. Finally, thanks Capital street for your great service.

Posted by N. Paul from Erie, New York, USA on Wednesday, 07.7.21 @ 00:18am | #1637

The best thing about capital street is, they do not change their leverage frequently. I know most of the brokers reduce their leverage to 1:10 or 1:20 in the volatility or some of them provide this much of leverage most of the time on cryptos or premium instruments such as tesla etc.
It's been nearly a year with Capital Street and I don't remember a single case where they have less than 1: 100 leverages on cryptocurrencies. Well, on most instruments, they offer a 1: 1000 leverage.
They are very committed to delivering what they promise. They deserve my 5 ratings.

Posted by Richard Jon from Singapore on Monday, 07.5.21 @ 23:13pm | #1636

Their withdrawals and deposits are quick and easy with a variety of options. Spreads are good, execution is reliable. They also have variety of trading accounts to choose from.

Posted by Trading Club from Houston, Texas, USA on Monday, 07.5.21 @ 02:43am | #1635

This broker has been at the top since joining. Started with a demo account and then moved to live to trade. Deposits and withdrawals are always on time. And if I have any questions, customer support is always available.

Posted by siham jamai from usa on Saturday, 07.3.21 @ 01:24am | #1634

Before you start investing you get proper knowledge and training about the market, would like to recommend everyone

Posted by Roul from New Year, USA on Saturday, 07.3.21 @ 00:20am | #1632

Great broker. Easy setup/platform, Fast withdrawals and fast trade execution.

Posted by Econo Mic G from San Jose, California, USA on Thursday, 07.1.21 @ 23:51pm | #1631

They offer amazing bonus offer, high leverage and a strong platform. Support staff are humble and supportive. I'm satisfied so far. will keep updating with the time if anything happens

Posted by Jany from Amsterdam, Netherland on Sunday, 06.27.21 @ 22:49pm | #1628

Csfx combines the best technologies, wide access to different markets and instruments, high leverage with a tradable bonus. Highly recommended.

Posted by Phillio Tshanga from USA on Saturday, 06.2.18 @ 06:32am | #1169

Nicely built trading platform and mobile app structure and the company is really helpful in sorting every kind of issues. Really happy with low commissions.

Posted by Richard John from USA on Friday, 06.1.18 @ 03:33am | #1167

Capital Street FX is one of the most top tem FX Brokers. Which provides best Services like fast support, easy platform and more.

Posted by mohammet from lebanon on Friday, 12.9.16 @ 08:53am | #856

very fast withdrawing and very powerfull bonuses

Posted by Hugh Jackson from Portland on Tuesday, 11.22.16 @ 09:15am | #839

They surely mean when they say Capital Street has the best trading conditions. Speedy withdrawals as well. I will continue trading with them.

Posted by Mike Grant from Zurich on Wednesday, 11.16.16 @ 08:57am | #830

Quick withdrawals and great support. Highly recommended!

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