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ForexMart - Rating and Review 2020


CompanyTradomart SV Ltd.
CountrySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Payment optionsVisa, Master Card, Skrill, Neteller, PayCo, FasaPay, Union Pay, AliPay, Bitcoin,
Minimum account size0.01
Minimum position size$15
RegulationReg No.23071, IBC 2015


  • Broker Type : STP.
  • Platforms: Web Terminal, MetaTrader 4 for Desktop, ForexMart for Mobile.
  • Floating/Fixed Spreads.
  • Bonus Offers.
  • Multiple Ways Of Account Funding.
  • Market/Instant Execution Available.
  • Scalping Allowed.
  • Hedging Allowed.
  • Expert Advisors Allowed.
  • Affiliate Program.
  • Copy Trading Available.
  • Swap Free Available.
  • Trade Forex, Crypto, Gold and Stocks.


  • Do not provide services for residents of certain countries, such as the United States, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Syria and some other regions.


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Current Comments

67 comments so far (post your own)

Posted by Grate from Germany on Friday, 03.31.17 @ 04:51am | #950

Heard that now company give you this bonus for automatically.

Posted by Dean from Malaysia on Monday, 03.27.17 @ 02:30am | #944

I’ve been trading with forexmart for a while and making good money here. If you follow all the rules, you will not have problems. Broker doesn’t interfere in your work. Withdrawals always in time.
I use debit card and skrill to withdraw my profit. And there is no slippages on Ctrader, speed is perfect.

Posted by Lisa from Singapore on Friday, 03.24.17 @ 01:27am | #942

The main reason i choosed Forexmart was (besides the reviews), Support team has been a great help so far. I have gained 250% until now. Iam glad with the result.

Posted by Glenn from Indonesia on Friday, 03.17.17 @ 03:27am | #936

So far so good. I think Forexmart is a great platform to trade on in terms of flexibility on leverage. Trading platform used MT4 is recognized internationally, the support forexmart quick in providing good feedback via email or live chat.

Posted by Sandy from Indonesia on Tuesday, 03.14.17 @ 03:34am | #933

Love to be a part of this great brokerage. I love its execution and no swap so I can hold my position for couples days. With many difference promotion forexmart surely provide us many choice start from no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, weekly contest, I love the forexmart zero spread that provide thick spread and fast execution.

Posted by Brendon from Germany on Thursday, 03.9.17 @ 05:58am | #928

If you want to find a fair broker, Forexmart is a very good choice, I think. It has helpful support, fast execution and stable withdrawals.

Posted by Morat from Poland on Wednesday, 03.8.17 @ 04:04am | #926

Меня, в принципе, в этом брокере все устраивает. Единственное, плохо, что не торгуют нефтью.

Posted by Rick from Latvia on Tuesday, 02.21.17 @ 08:50am | #908

Forexmart turned out to be much better broker than I expected. Their MT4 platform is rather functional and all conditions provided are very good.

Posted by Andrew from Russia on Monday, 01.30.17 @ 07:03am | #893

Good bonuses!

Posted by abookzorem from abookzorem on Friday, 01.6.17 @ 12:23pm | #872

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Posted by Солнышко from United States on Thursday, 01.5.17 @ 08:53am | #869

I advise you to try a demo account first. If you like it, you can move to a real account. I did so. Now I trade here, and like everything, from the conditions of trading, to the withdrawal speed.

Posted by Lieber from Germany on Monday, 12.26.16 @ 05:49am | #864

Many different instruments, wonderful service of customer support. Qualitative and fast withdrawals.

Posted by Max from Germany on Friday, 12.9.16 @ 08:09am | #855

Well, I have the ambiguous opinion about this company. On the one hand the fast withdrawal, convenient platform, sometimes bonuses. But support is terrible…The manager can't understand what I want. Although I see a lot of positive feedbacks about the support, maybe it's only my case?

Posted by Alen from Sweden on Friday, 12.2.16 @ 08:46am | #848

Good work, Forexmart!

Posted by Slemmy from Russia on Wednesday, 11.30.16 @ 07:33am | #846

Good year with this company. So much launched innovations, very handy service. By the end of the year with Forexmart I began to make steady money.

Posted by Sedrik Tangenmann from Germany on Thursday, 11.24.16 @ 09:23am | #841

I thinkk it's a quite safe place for trading. I feel satisfied with their official licenses.

Posted by Morg from Russia on Friday, 11.18.16 @ 07:58am | #834

I started to trade with them half year ago. I think it's normal broker although I had some problems with them. They canceled some of my deals, and when I requested to the support, they didn't return my profit because I violated their rules. But they returned my deposit so I went on trading.

Posted by Скриптонит from Almaty on Thursday, 11.17.16 @ 07:48am | #832

It's certainly a professional broker! Despite of its not so long functioning on the market. Fast deposits and withdrawals, good execution and very fast customer support.

Posted by Morky from Sweden on Thursday, 11.10.16 @ 09:13am | #826

Oh it's a brilliant broker!! I'm really happy to have found Forexmart. They take care of my money like their own money. I trust them and not afraid to deposit my money.

Posted by Alex from Russia on Wednesday, 11.9.16 @ 09:12am | #823

Personally I like most of all the opportunity to have very strong support, because I’m a newcomer in trading. Forexmart gives me all I need - helpful managers and much information on their site.

Posted by FrashTrader from Georgia on Thursday, 11.3.16 @ 09:05am | #816

Since I trade with Forexmart I didn't have big problems at all. All other little troubles were resolved by their support.

Posted by Ahilles from Poland on Monday, 10.31.16 @ 08:51am | #812

I;ve been working with Forexmart already a few months, it's a good and honest brokerage. Sometimes I had some minor problems with deposit-withdrawal, but really friendly and professional support always help to solve the question.

Posted by Sasha from Russia on Monday, 10.31.16 @ 08:27am | #811

Форексмарт - профессионалы своего дела, я считаю. Никогда не было проблем с зависанием прибыли и выводом денег. И отмены профитных сделок тоже никогда не было. Саппорт очень отзывчивый, кстати.

Posted by Stanly from Russia on Wednesday, 10.26.16 @ 10:33am | #803

ФорексМарт хоть и молодая компания, но уже уверенно заявила о себе на мировом рынке трейдеров. Кто не верит - почитайте отзывы и посмотрите про награды awards.

Posted by Valery Botkin from Russia on Friday, 10.21.16 @ 07:19am | #800

А как бездепозитный бонус получить? Кто получал? Какие условия, правила? Где его вообще брать? Отзовитесь кто-нибудь!

Posted by kravar from kazahstan on Friday, 10.21.16 @ 06:28am | #799

Почитал про форексмарт. молодой брокер, только входит на российский рынок. по россии отзывы пока неоднозначеые. по азии и европе негативных отзывов нет, оснований, что закроется в ближайшее время тоже нет. наоборот в ближайшие годы будет только расти. открыл небольшой счёт, бонус начислили не сразу, но после разговоров с техподдержкой перевели. сделал первый вывод 100 долларов. на второй день пришли. вывод: работать с ними можно

Posted by Shura from Belarus on Wednesday, 10.12.16 @ 08:30am | #790

Всё хорошо. Деньги зачислили, бонус проишёл. про вывод узнаю, когда будет что выводить))

Posted by Maksim from Russia on Friday, 10.7.16 @ 08:36am | #786

Не хорошая, и не плохая компания брокер которая уже успела себя зарекомендовать. как и у всех есть свои недочеты но кто без них? Мне все нравится у них.

Posted by Ekaterina from Russia on Monday, 10.3.16 @ 09:53am | #783

Мне нравится их аналитика на формумах, все понятно, и пар много выкладывают.

Posted by Gogo from Russia on Friday, 09.30.16 @ 09:21am | #781

Интересные акции у них, конкурсы проводятся, можно деньги выиграть и пробовать торговать.

Posted by BeRich from Russia on Wednesday, 09.28.16 @ 10:13am | #775

Выиграл в конкурсе, деньги быстро зачислили. Отыграл. Уже все вывел, ждал не более шести часов.

Posted by TrJol from Russia on Wednesday, 09.28.16 @ 07:07am | #774

Легко и без мороки получается торговать. Все ясно и понятно. Рекомендую.

Posted by Дмитрич from Russia on Thursday, 09.8.16 @ 11:33am | #766

Много различных инструментов, замечательный сервис по поддержке клиентов. Качесвенный и быстрый вывод средств.

Posted by Sergey Taperik from Russia on Tuesday, 09.6.16 @ 10:33am | #763

Совершенно не нравится поддержка, стараюсь туда не обращаться. Но по выводу претезнзий нет.

Posted by Suzi from France on Monday, 08.29.16 @ 09:45am | #758

Once there were problems with the withdrawal of funds. Contact support, and in a few hours, my problem was solved. Bollshe no problems. With the broker for more than six months.

Posted by Bert from Belarus on Friday, 08.26.16 @ 10:10am | #757

Не могу сказать ничего плохого об этом брокере. Мне все нравится.

Posted by Kirill Emelya from Russia on Thursday, 08.25.16 @ 11:08am | #756

За полгода, что я с ними впечатления не извменилось - хороший брокер, с кторым торговать не напряжно.

Posted by ForexLimit from Ukraine on Tuesday, 08.23.16 @ 11:35am | #755

Get no deposit bonus after 2 days waiting! Thanks!

Posted by pvp2008 from Russia on Friday, 08.19.16 @ 10:19am | #754

Очень серьезный подход к делу чего только их верификация стоит! Но я доволен, что наткнулся на них и залил на счет денег. Уже три месяца с ними, все радует.

Posted by Костя from Canada on Friday, 08.19.16 @ 08:44am | #753

Хочу попробывать поработать с этими ребятами, мнение у всех спорное по отзывам. Кто нибудь может реальные факты плохой работы показать?

Posted by Adam from Poland on Friday, 08.19.16 @ 03:28am | #752

I saw company's promotions, ind i like their! Now i'm starting to test this broker. Recommend it, yet.

Posted by KolynViktorovich from Russia on Wednesday, 08.17.16 @ 09:54am | #749

Платформа не отстает, котировки всегда правильные, зачесления всегда происходят быстро и точно.

Posted by Ivangay from Canada on Wednesday, 08.17.16 @ 09:25am | #748

The bonuses were very helpful especially their no deposit bonus. Really helped me out as I'm afraid to shed out money in the beginning.

Posted by Valery from Russia on Wednesday, 08.17.16 @ 08:56am | #747

Очень удобно для тех, кто не в теме и денег много вкладывать не хочешь. Бонус получил и торгуй-познавай форекс

Posted by Tom Shulz from Eesti on Monday, 08.15.16 @ 08:48am | #746

Recommend this broker! Nice trading conditions, good bonuses and fast withdrawing.

Posted by Zaraht from Germany on Friday, 07.22.16 @ 04:08am | #741

Tot nu toe heb ik nooit problemen gehad met mijn ForexMart uit effectenrekening evenals in mijn opnames. De verwerking van mijn nieuwe rekening was zeer snel

Posted by Vasilisa from Russia on Thursday, 07.21.16 @ 21:09pm | #740

Brilliant брокер вы не можете применить бонус без депозита и бонус 30% всего за один счет, который будет использоваться.

Posted by Dmytro from Ukraine on Tuesday, 07.19.16 @ 02:59am | #739

Багато варіантів депозитів та виведення це означає, що дуже доступно для торгівлі з ForexMart.

Posted by Andy from russia on Tuesday, 07.12.16 @ 00:32am | #735

Мой друг направил меня к ForexMart и он уже доказал, что этот брокер действительно заслуживает доверия. Я наслаждался мои сделки с ForexMart, я не испытывал никаких проблем на моих изъятий и что сделкам финансирования поэтому я решил регулярно торговать с ними.

Posted by Niek from Netherlands on Tuesday, 07.5.16 @ 06:08am | #732

De bonussen waren zeer behulpzaam, vooral hun no deposit bonus. Echt hielp me uit als ik ben bang om geld uit te werpen in het begin.

Posted by Tamino from Germany on Monday, 07.4.16 @ 06:53am | #729

Eines der besten Broker und Investment firm.If Sie für eine sichere suchen und reguliert ich ForexMart recommed wird, weil es CySEC reguliert wird, und Sie können Ihren Gewinn leicht nur erfüllt zurückzutreten die 20% auf Ihren Bonus nicht überschreiten.

Posted by Matthieu from France on Tuesday, 06.28.16 @ 04:41am | #722

Leur compte démo a un double but que vous pouvez gagner à travers leur argent automne concours et dans le même temps que vous pratiquez avant d'aller à un trade.This en direct est une approche de génie.

Posted by Gerrit from Germany on Wednesday, 06.22.16 @ 03:31am | #718

Ich beschloss, diese Makler zu versuchen und setzen $ 50 auf die Kaution. Bisher Handel gut geht. Angebote werden geöffnet schnell, und meine Kaution wurde für 50% gewachsen.

Posted by Achille from canada on Tuesday, 06.21.16 @ 04:44am | #716

They offer lots of trading tools and many trader-friendly services. I started as a newbie and their forexcopy system, along with learning about technical analysis, taught me a lot. I will certainly continue working with ForexMart

Posted by Lasse from Germany on Monday, 06.20.16 @ 05:38am | #714

Got $ 100 Bonus von ihren Bonus ohne Einzahlung. Ich werde es auf meine Mittel summieren sich und verwenden Sie es als mein Kapital. Es ist schön, dass Sie ein freies Kapital auf einige Broker wie ForexMart haben kann.

Posted by Anjeng from canada on Thursday, 06.16.16 @ 03:03am | #711

this broker is great for Cysec Regulated, from services or execution, fast response for support and withdrawal/deposit methode complete.

Posted by Sarem from Pakistan on Thursday, 06.9.16 @ 03:22am | #704

Очень хороший брокер, отличные торговые условия, выполнение быстро, спреды хорошее, обслуживание клиентов очень быстро и помочь вам в любое время. нет никаких дополнительных затрат. У меня нет никаких жалоб и рекомендовать его всем, кто хочет торговать на Forex.

Posted by Birador from Argentina on Friday, 06.3.16 @ 03:41am | #703

Casi menos de un año de usuario ForexMart, podría decir que su servicio de grupo de soporte al cliente son muy buenos. Debido a que experimento una vez dificultades para retirar mi bono y yo no sé qué hacer. Por lo tanto decidí que ha dirigido a su grupo de apoyo y de inmediato respondió a todas mis preguntas y me ayudan a retirar mi bono.

Posted by Zakhar from Ukraine on Friday, 06.3.16 @ 03:24am | #702

2 місяці тому я прописав цього брокера в надії мати гладку торгових операцій. І до сих пір до цієї дати вони ніколи не можуть дати мені одну з доброго обслуговування клієнтів. Хороша робота

Posted by lotte from Netherlands on Thursday, 06.2.16 @ 22:20pm | #701

tardó 2 semanas en recibir el bono sin depósito, me dieron $ 100, que pena, verdad? sin embargo, serán beneficiosos, después de todo es gratis. Busco más con este broker.

Posted by Salvina from Sweden on Thursday, 06.2.16 @ 04:30am | #700

I was satisfied with the services provided ForexMart. Every time I contacted customer support, they respond directly what I asked. Trading is always smooth and no problems.

Posted by Lakam from Guam on Monday, 05.30.16 @ 03:58am | #697

Forexmart is a reliable broker, I am trading with them for long and all has been OK. Execution of trades is fast and there is a high quality in the services provided. Non deposit bonus is an excellent opportunity to start trading if you don't have money.

Posted by Jacob from guam on Friday, 05.27.16 @ 04:29am | #696

Great trading platform with polite customer support service. They are very interested in the success of its clients. They also offer educational tools for training and demo account to make familiar with the trading tools and it is free of charge.

Posted by Ija from Germany on Thursday, 05.26.16 @ 02:33am | #693

Forexmart is een betrouwbare makelaar, Ik ben de handel met hen voor lange en al is OK geweest. Uitvoering van de transacties is snel en er is een hoge kwaliteit van de geleverde diensten. Niet-deposit bonus is een uitstekende gelegenheid om te beginnen met de handel als je geen geld hebt.

Posted by Teetan from guam on Wednesday, 05.25.16 @ 04:59am | #692

I have the live account with ForexMart for 11 months and don't have any serious problems with them. The site keeps on growing and so do their offers. It would be interesting to see their next move.

Posted by Thel from Germany on Wednesday, 05.25.16 @ 01:18am | #691

Ik ruilen voor morethan 1 jaar heb ik geprobeerd verschillende brokers, maar alleen Forexmart maakte me tevreden op het gebied van het geven van een goede kwaliteit van de dienstverlening en promoties.

Posted by Alden from Germany on Tuesday, 05.24.16 @ 04:08am | #690

Different Affiliate programs that will give you lots of commissions,this broker is very generous you can gain profit thru your own account but you can still gain more if you refer many friends.This is inevitable offer.

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